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Oh, hey! I'm Sere, a freelance Italian animator based in Dundee, Scotland.

If you find anything you fancy down here, don't be shy and come say hello yourself!

case study

showreel 2021


motion graphics


social media template

I created this template for Nurofen's social media channels using the assets they provided.

Automated Creative (agency based in England) then developed an automated version of it, that the company can access online. On this custom platform, they can easily swap footage and change the text to generate a new post with the same structure and logo animation every day.


freelancing for a creative agency

Since the beginning of this year, I have been freelancing for ShootYou, an international creative agency (mainly with the teams in London and NY).

I enjoy working with them because I'm usually in charge of a variety of tasks, like designing style frames, storyboarding, animating, and sometimes coordinating the work of other freelance animators as well.

Collaborating with ShootYou gave me the opportunity to create animations for established companies and institutions like J.P. Morgan, Swoop, Smartly, and more.

In this context, I proved myself comfortable with quick turnaround projects and I got to really appreciate how satisfying teamwork can be.


explainer video

My roles for this project:

  • style frame design

  • storyboarding

  • animation of the first half

  • collection of the files from other animators, correcting the timing, and render

  • Client's feedback amendments

3D option - transition tablet to phone.gif
3D option light with hand.gif

initial proof of concept

3D option transition to tablet.gif

promotional/explainer videos

I find that showing the work-in-progress is really important, especially when it comes to explainer and promotional videos.
To do so, I usually use a platform that allows my clients to add comments or request changes to the videos at the timestamp they want. This makes communication so much easier!

Since I started collaborating with Ember, I created two promotional videos and started working on a new series of 4!

They provided some of the brand assets and the scripts of all the videos.

gifs'n'loops (12).gif (13).gif (15).gif (18).gif (14).gif (11).gif (16).gif (22).gif
Untitled.gif (20).gif (23).gif (19).gif
ANDREWS-GIF-PHOTOSHOP.gif (17).gif (24).gif

other animations